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We are buyers of insurance write offs and scrap cars and commercial vehicles. We have been trading since 1986, take a look at the photos page for some examples of the stock and spares that we have. We have off the shelf parts, body panels and spare engines and suspension parts for many types of cars and vans. We will come to you to collect any scrap car or van you wish to recycle, and then issue all the relevant certificates of destruction that you will require. We have a vast selection of spare parts in stock for cars and vans, body panels and electrics, lights and trim parts, and many other spares.


End of vehicle life



We will come to you, and collect any car or van that needs to be scrapped, from anywhere in the North East of England.







The End of Life Vehicles (ELV) Directive (2000/53/EC) aims to reduce the amount of waste from ELVs. In particular it:


1. restricts the use of certain heavy metals in new vehicles from 1 July 2003;

2. introduces a “certificate of destruction” for scrapped vehicles;

3. requires producers to mark certain vehicle components to aid recycling;

4. requires producers to make available dismantling information in respect of new vehicles;

5. states that producers must provide free take back for vehicles put on the market from 1 July 2002, if such vehicles have a negative value when scrapped;

6. requires that ELVs can only be scrapped (‘treated’) by authorised treatment facilities, which must meet tightened environmental standards.


We are certified for End of Vehicle Life and provide the certificates of Destruction, for all scrapped Vehicles in accordance with the law.

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