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For Pc Repairs or upgrades, complete systems built, custom water cooled systems like in the above photo, laptops and laptop repairs such as a cracked screen or a new operating system. Websites built and maintained, Home Cinema Systems, High Definition Televisions set up, Cinema Surround Sound Speaker systems set up and installed. I can also repair Nintendo Wii games consoles, and the X-Box etc, if your X-Box is overheating or you have the red led lights glowing on the front and the system wont start, then give me a call and I can help. I am able to repair Apple IPODs, cracked screens can be replaced, batteries can also be replaced and other faults fixed. Give me a call as my prices are very reasonable.


Contact  - 01325 255486 - Please leave your name and number and I will get back to you that day, if I am busy and away from the telephone.


or EMAIL me at  -